About Us
Luo wind integrated ceiling company headquartered in West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, founder 1999 jump into startup, after more than 10 years of fighting, is developed into Hangzhou and jiaxing, two major production base of dynamic private enterprises. Integrated ceiling for the main business of the company,
integrated ceiling ceiling, brand integration, integrated ceiling top ten ranking, integrated ceilings integrated ceiling installation, art, integrated ceiling led lighting, integrated ceiling material ceiling Yuba, integration, integrated led ceiling, integrated ceiling plate is the premier developer and manufacturer of household electrical products. Company is the ceiling Association, Member unit of China building decoration Association. &Nbsp;     Rafu firm high-end brand leader in brand positioning, promoting the concept of good and inexpensive consumption dedicated to middle class and working class provides value-integrated ceiling product experience. Company owns gefeng, plus real, allmilmo, Shi Wabo, GOFULL, CAPAROL, and many trademarks, implementing agent, OEM, and operated three one-third channel strategy, products exported to Russia, Korea, Ecuador, South Africa, Turkey, Outer Mongolia, more than 10 countries and regions.